10 Weeks of Experience: Multi-Sided LED Light Displays

This week we’ve reached the end of our 10 weeks of Experience series, but we saved the best for last. Our latest innovation is our Multi-Sided LED Light Displays. 

Super Color Digital always shines when it comes to illuminated displays, especially with our Multi-Sided LED Displays. This technology allows for unique shapes and very exciting color programming that illuminates different colors from every angle. Similar to our dimensional color-changing displays, we can create just about any design without being limited to specific shapes and sizes. As a result, our cutting-edge LED technology delivers custom fabrication with vibrant colors and fully customizable color programs. 

Multi-Sided LED Light Display Features & Benefits:

– No limit to product type, size, or shape

– Freestanding or wall hanging options are available

– Custom color changing programs

– Vivid colors with glare-free viewing at any angle

– Energy-efficient green solution at about 5 watts per square foot

– LEDs have a life expectancy of 50,000 plus hours

– Internal power supply

– Available in RGB, RGBw, RGBw/ww, and w/ww

– UL listed and Certified

In conclusion, our Multi-Sided LED Light Displays can be utilized for almost any application you can imagine. If you are looking for a unique way to represent your brand, then look no further. Super Color Digital’s Multi-Sided LED Light Displays will help you stand out from the ordinary. Be bold, be different, contact Super Color Digital now and shine a new light on your brand.

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