10 Weeks of Experience Recap With Super Color Digital

We spent the last 10 weeks sharing many of our new experiential visual solutions with you. If you missed any of the 10 Weeks of Experience series, no need to worry, because we are recapping them below.

With this exciting new product, you will be able to do so much more than just illuminate an image. Through cutting-edge LED technology, we have created our exclusive RGB Color Changing Light Boxes. These RGB programmable lightboxes evolve the standard lightbox into a custom frame programmed to shift your visual experience through a vivid and bold spectrum of endless colors. You can isolate any area of an image and create color change and motion.

Our in-house fabrication department has taken things to the next level by adding mechanical parts that can put your design into motion “literally!” This product lends itself to all kinds of applications. Go beyond the illusion of movement and add a physical-mechanical element to your designs, from creations like our oversized watches, moving tires on a vehicle, propellers on boats, and more! Let your imagination be your only limit.

This product was designed to bring depth to your displays by using several different cut-to-shape layers. Also, by adding LED lighting, the display becomes even more dimensional, inviting consumers to see your product from a new, adventurous perspective.

Traditional neon signage is fragile, expensive, environmentally unsafe, and consumes considerable amounts of power. Our Retro Brite Light Boxes utilize LED technology, making them durable, cost-effective, and energy efficient. Another benefit of these revolutionary light boxes is that there is no limit to the size that we can produce.

Think outside of the box and transform your standard lightbox into a new and exciting visual experience. Above all, we can create just about any design without being restricted to specific sizes and shapes. As a result, our cutting-edge LED technology will deliver vibrant colors and are fully customizable with endless color programs.

At Super Color Digital, our in-house fabrication department is able to weld, cut, route, and assemble many different materials to create cutting-edge custom product fixtures for today’s most recognized brands.

Our Faux Neon technology provides a visual solution that is lighter and more durable than traditional neon signs, yet it still offers a vivid spectrum of color while remaining energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Canned letters can provide great depth and visibility to any signage package. They are clearly visible by day and luminous at night. They can have static LED lighting or RGB LED color change lighting. Canned Signage solutions provide visual experiences that can be designed custom to nearly any size or shape. And best of all, they utilize LED technology which is energy efficient and cost-effective.

Dimensional signage has always been a trusted visual solution for all types of signage displays. Which includes everything from interior retail POP displays, event exhibit signage, and exterior dimensional signage. Our signs can be built non-lit, backlit, or even animated with light, color or movement.

Super Color Digital always shines when it comes to illuminated displays, especially with our Multi-Sided LED Displays. This technology allows for unique shapes and very exciting color programming that illuminates different colors from every angle.

In conclusion, it has been a pleasure to share these exciting visual solutions from our 10 Weeks of Experience series with you. No matter what your next project is, Super Color Digital has the knowledge and resources to make it a visual success. Contact us today for a consultation.

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