Automotive Expertise: A Case Study With Super Color Digital

Automotive Expertise: A Case Study With Super Color Digital

We recently partnered with Sonic Automotive to help expand their brand by providing them with several framed graphics and custom visual solutions for one of their new dealerships.

Echo Park is a rapidly expanding division of Sonic Automotive that focuses on used cars that are less than 4 years old with all vehicles still under factory warranty giving customers the experience of a new car without the new car price. They recently opened another store in Houston Texas and Super Color digital was there to make sure the visuals matched the values of the Echo Park and Sonic Automotive brand.

The interiors of the Echo Park stores are very modern, sleek and clean. Looking outside of the automotive world, they were designed around hospitality and retail environments.

The goal with the selection and placement of framed graphics, wallpaper and other unique visual solutions was to help bring the new car buying experience to a used car dealership. Echo Park dealers are very involved in the community so we wanted the dealership to feel inviting and more like home. We accomplished this by using more life style oriented images as opposed to new vehicle imagery and used the earth like tones and cool, inviting colors that most Echo Park stores utilize.

We know the Automotive industry and are well versed in the many factors that come into play when planning and installing graphics and visuals throughout. We offer site surveys if needed and with our graphic locator package, you will easily be able to identify locations throughout your dealership and what type of graphic will be placed there. We also have an extensive brand asset library, so you can rest assured that the latest brand related images will always be available when selecting graphics.

With Super Color Digital, not only will you receive the best visual solutions available, you will also received a true turnkey experience.