Beyond the Capabilities: Fabric Visual Solutions

Fabric is an integral material in the realm of visual solutions. Fabric is the picture-perfect backdrop for creating eye-catching displays that remain strong and vivid over time. It’s also a convenient material to work with. Due to its organic nature and versatility, there are many advantages to using fabric for your project.

Fabric Frames

Our Silicone Edge Graphic Frames, or SEG Frames for short, are a perfect solution for any space. When it comes down to choosing the material for SEG frames, we provide a wide array of options. We help you choose the right material for the right application, from high to low opacity, textures, and weights. All textile materials are hand-sewn in-house, depending on the space, size, aesthetic, and vision.

Multi-Sided Fabric Frames

Customizations are nearly endless with just about any fabric, size, and shape. These multi-sided fabric frames are typically metal frames covered in fabric and provide increased branding opportunities. The benefits include high-quality printed graphics, color accuracy, and, best of all, multi-sided fabric frames are impactful branding from virtually every angle. Some examples of multi-sided frames include hanging signs, freestanding signage, custom-built structures, and more.

beMatrix Solutions

The beMatrix systems have unlocked endless possibilities for exhibit building. The system is infinitely reusable, and the modular versatility allows infinite build possibilities. Due to this versatility, our team can design and build aluminum frames into unique exhibit spaces where walls, floors, and ceilings merge into single-flowing structures.

We can wrap these structures with fabrics or hard panel options. The frames are adaptable to almost any design imaginable and assembled in a timely fashion. Combined with our printed fabrics, the framing system is the most creative, durable, and lightweight solution on the market. We can utilize fabric in hard panel materials for a softer, more organic, and inviting space.

Airbnb Lightwave Fabric Experience

We know fabric comes in many different types, but have you thought about its creative uses? Experiential solutions are about creating immersive visual experiences with eye-opening and engaging visuals. It’s all about thinking outside the box to create unique, eye-catching visuals. Super Color Digital utilized flag material paired with creative lighting to create a genuinely mesmerizing “light tunnel” experience for a unique experiential project. 

Using fabric as a material of choice makes your visuals boundless when it comes to your experiences. At Super Color Digital, we love creating unique visual experiences catered to you.

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