The Importance of Indoor & Outdoor Solutions

Super Color Digital has been producing innovative visual solutions for over 40 years, and we have acquired some of the best technology and most talented individuals in the industry. Along the way, we have learned a thing or two about producing the right solutions for the occasion.

For instance, indoor and outdoor visuals serve specific goals.

– Indoor visuals should entice those inside to stay and engage with the event or sale. They are also made much more temporary, lightweight, and scaled to fit comfortably within rooms.

– Outdoor visuals are best for attention-grabbing ideas to draw in potential customers. These solutions are constructed with the outdoors in mind and are made to be durable, bold, and large.

With the different functions, indoor and outdoor solutions should feature other design elements. Brands should consider:

Colors: Outdoor visuals may require more bold, more eye-catching colors, all to ensure they pop on a busy street. Indoors you may want to consider the colors under artificial lighting.

Design: Both indoor and outdoor graphics can include custom design and should focus on tying into the brand.

Other Design Elements: Lighting, placement, digital features, and 3D detailing will vary depending on whether it is an interior or exterior sign.

Size: Outdoor solutions tend to be much larger than indoor ones. The larger the sign, the broader its visibility.

Text: The words printed on indoor and outdoor buildings will vary. Outdoor signs need large, high-contrast text to be easily readable, while indoor signs can be smaller and more legible.

We work around the clock and transform projects from first drafts to complete end-result. You can rest assured that you are in good hands when working with the Super Color Digital team on your project. No project is too big, and no design is too challenging. We have the capabilities, resources, and experience necessary to deliver impactful visual experiences that truly enhance your brand. Contact us to kickstart your ideas today.

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