Custom Bose Retail Display

Working with passionate teams and indviduals is always a pleasure. Just like Super Color Digital, Bose shares a common goal. This is to “create products and experiences customers simply can’t get anywhere else.” (Bose, 2022) In this project we built a creative multi-dimensional display to showcase the Bose QuietComfort® 45 headphones and the Bose QuietComfort® Earbuds.

Whenever a customer is considering a purchase, they generally progress through a few stages before buying. In a traditional sales funnel, customers proceed through four stages before owning a new product: Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action.

During these four stages, a customer finds out about a product, shows an interest, wants to own it and then chooses whether to make the purchase. Custom product displays play a role in each stage, but  most notably, it makes customers aware that a product exists. After all, if no one knows about a product, it’s unlikely that it will sell.

When you plan the placement of your graphics of the product you are selling, there’s a greater chance of increased visual awareness. Play with your branding in a creative way, as this will attract interaction. The display can even provide extra information to supplement that interaction. As a result, moving them to the “desire” stage before they decide to purchase it.

To give you more of an idea of how product displays can help a customer’s experience, consider the following:

Due to the nature of product displays, they’re perfect at disrupting the usual shopping routines. Therefore, providing an incentive for customers to break from their routine and pick up something new.

While these displays can lead to improved sales for your company, they also improve the customer’s experience. When a customer gets used to the visual appearance of your store, they’ll grow bored and be more likely to have a less positive experience. Installing multi-dimensional and even multi-element product displays throughout your stores will ensure your branding and advertising does not go stale.

Another primary way that a product display can give shoppers a more enjoyable shopping experience is by redesigning the environment; an experiential opportunity. The customizability of product displays provide the ability to apply on-brand, attractive graphics to their stores and other relevant locations. When their surroundings are more attractive, customers are more likely to enjoy their experience, thus leading to positive sales.

Are you interested in disrupting the shopping experience? Super Color Digital is here to help create visual experiences that no one can find anywhere else. Let’s do this!

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