Tips For A Successful Retail Changeout

When preparing for a changeout of any kind, it takes a whole team to ensure everything runs according to plan. At times it can seem like a never-ending list of don’t forget this and that. At Super Color Digital, our team has many years of experience in the retail industry and is well versed in helping retailers prepare for their changeouts. Whether entering the holiday season or moving forward on the following collection, we have some tips to help your changeouts be more successful.

Change Your Displays Regularly

It seems self-explanatory; however, consider the quality of your displays to take this a step further. If a display looks worn, consider changing it more frequently than usual or rearranging its placement to keep it looking new. Keeping up with changing your display also creates a better routine for the changeout team to make the whole operation smoother. A best practice is to not just focus on what the customer needs but to show them what they want.

Clean As You Go

When new stock arrives, make sure those displays are clean and look fresh. Ensure your displays don’t look cluttered and the surrounding area is well kept. A well-organized display can have a positive effect on customer buying behavior.

Start at the Front

Depending on the size and range of products at your store, figuring out where to start can be tricky. A solid tip is to start at the front of the store and move your way to the back. This method will reduce your chance of forgetting an area, and you can move quickly through the process. Depending on the store layout, typically, the larger displays are towards the front of the store and giving more attention to the front will paint a great first impression.

Many retailers trust Super Color Digital to provide them with their visual solutions. We have the abilities, resources, and experience necessary to deliver impactful visual solutions that will truly enhance your brand. With these simple tips and proper planning, your changeout will be quick and seamless.

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