Can Large Format Printing Be Eco-Friendly?

In the past few years, we have seen the top trends in the large format printing industry lean towards more sustainable business practices. Fortunately, with growing technology and strides to source and supply greener alternatives, the large format printing industry is turning green, no pun intended.

Here are some environmental benefits to consider when partnering with a large format printer.

Eco-Friendly Substrates & Materials

At Super Color Digital, we have sourced a variety of eco-friendly materials such as biodegradable fabrics and PVC-Free materials. We also offer the use of organic materials such as wood when it is suitable for your project.

When partnering up with a “green” printer, some key points to consider are the following:

What materials do you currently offer that are eco-friendly?

How familiar is your team with these materials?

Do you have proper practices in place for unused/ leftover materials?

These are a few important questions all large format printers should be able to answer with certainty.

Greener Inks

At Super Color Digital, we are mindful of the chemicals we use for our printers. We use UV inks that are free from VOCs. These UV inks also do not contain heavy metals and other poisonous or corrosive substances.

We handle all inks and other chemicals with care and take proper precautions. It is important to use VOC-Free inks since we print and manufacture projects all day long. In addition, all our UV inks are certified by GreenGuard because they emit immensely lower volumes of harmless substances into the atmosphere.

Energy Conserving Equipment

By utilizing LED and UV lighting in our automated cutting machines and eco-friendly printers, we can maintain about a 50% green technology practice.

The large format printing industry is not perfect, and we are taking the green initiative to heart. The path to smarter manufacturing offers new opportunities for digital production while also reducing our carbon footprint. When venturing into sustainable visual solutions, partner with a company with the experience and technology to get you there. Partner with Super Color Digital.

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