Get the Most Out of Your Custom Light Boxes

Want to stick out from the crowd and shine a light on your products and services? Our custom cabinet graphics utilize LED lights, frames, and a range of materials that can be overlaid to create eye-catching displays for business.

Cabinet signs are an effective way of utilizing a large copy area and stunning graphics. The sign’s background can be the illuminated element, and the type can be either translucent (lighted) or opaque (non-lighted). Also commonly referred to as light boxes, backlit displays can be utilized indoors or outdoors as long as you are near a power source. Custom backlit graphics will take your marketing efforts to the next level, whether you’re advertising your latest products or having an epic announcement.

Take your branding the extra mile. You can convey your brands’ personality better with a customized shape. Design out of the box works for you by stopping people in their tracks and marveling at the view. All it takes is one detail to stand out from the rest and get clients to remember who you are.

As we’ll see, backlit graphics come in a variety of forms and can help you market your business in just about any setting.

– Color-Blocked Displays

– Dimensional Canned Displays

– Multi-Sided Displays

No matter what shape or size or where they’re placed, backlit graphics can help you shed light on what makes your company or your products a cut above your competition. You want to use designers and printers you can trust for large-format graphics. When you partner with Super Color Digital, you can be confident that all graphics we produce for you will be designed with the utmost care and created using the best materials for a finished product you’re proud to display.

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