Dimensional Visuals: Contour-Cut Solutions

Contour-cutting is popular when incorporating custom designs and styles for displays and signage. The method gets its name from cutting along an outline of a desired shape or design. These custom cuts can easily and accurately create dimensional designs or unique patterns. Contour-cutting is not restricted to one material; therefore, our team can recommend several substrates that could work for your project.

Benefits of Contour-Cut Solutions:


Contour-cut projects are cut using a machine to provide accurate and reproducible solutions. Its outstanding features benefit from multiple orders easily reproduced with consistent quality. Something to keep in mind is the simpler the design, the more accurate and quickly reproducible the project is.


Along with being reproduced accurately, contour cutting allows for visuals that can be produced efficiently. As cutting machines are largely self-directed, they fabricate solutions with speed and precision, paying close attention to custom details. While these cutting machines are awesome in what they do, they are sometimes used to get the bulk of a project done, while smaller jobs to complete the project are done using other methods.


The cutting machine’s precision allows for creative freedom with your designs and will produce a truly one-of-a-kind solution. Now, depending on the substrate and how intense the customization is, the final project will likely need a finishing touch done by hand.

Contour-cut solutions add a unique element to projects and allow projects to come to life with their specialized capability. Incorporating these solutions into your project can be the difference of making you a cut above the rest.

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