Edge-Lit LED Light Boxes

Edge-lit LED lightboxes from Super Color Digital offer excellent color with unmatched light uniformity. Edge-lit lightboxes are ideal solutions that come in an array of different sizes. As a result, all lightboxes from Super Color Digital are UL certified to meet all standards for safety.

Features & Benefits

Our edge-lit LED lightboxes are free-standing or wall mountable. In addition, our lightboxes are available in a selection of standard sizes or can be custom-built. In order to make assembly minimal and easy, our edge-lit lightboxes ship pre-assembled. Therefore, the only installation involved in the graphic, which is installed by using our SEG technology. This results in bezel-free framing for edge-to-edge graphics.

Fabric & Graphics

Glare-free at any angle, vivid color, and sharp graphics result in a one-of-a-kind visual impact. Colors pop with lifelike clarity with our industry-leading color matching. With near-seamless graphics and easy installation, you will save costs and keep your budget in check. In addition, our fabric graphics are machine washable for easy cleaning.


Edge-lit lightboxes provide the most energy efficiency & lowest cost to operate, using only 4 watts per square foot. As a result, the LEDs have a life expectancy of 50,000+ hours. Best of all, our edge-lit and other lightboxes are UL certified to meet all standards for safety.

In conclusion, edge-lit LED lightbox applications are practically endless. From retail stores and trade show floors to corporate branding opportunities, and more, Super Color Digital’s edge-lit LED lightboxes are truly changing the game. Therefore, if you are looking for a unique way to represent your brand, then look no further. Edge-Lit LED lightboxes will help you stand out from the ordinary. Be bold, be different, contact Super Color Digital and shine a new light on your brand.

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