The Glass Room: An Experiential Interior Design Case Study

Super Color Digital recently helped transform an empty retail space into an experiential pop-up exhibit called The Glass Room. The exhibit was carefully designed to mirror and mimic many technology-based stores. However, the purpose of this exhibit isn’t to sell phones or tech. Instead, the goal is to raise awareness and explore the concepts of invisible labor, mass surveillance and fleeting digital privacy.

For this project, Super Color Digital created visuals to complement the use of white walls, clean lines, and flat screens. As a result, this design concept included wrapping the front of the store with vinyl and anti-graffiti laminate as well as the windows. In addition, we produced and installed the interior white signs, various wall graphics, and dimensional letters/placards for the exhibit.

Experiential events have become one of the most popular ways to engage with potential clients and customers. Therefore, nothing captures attention quite like interactive experiences that utilize the latest technology with creative imagery and visual experiences.

In conclusion, whether you are hosting an art show or transforming a pop-up shop, our goal is to create visual experiences that are innovative, bold, and engaging. From exclusive fabric and lightbox graphics to printed ceiling, floor, and wall graphics, Super Color Digital will make sure your next project leaves a lasting impression.

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