Getting Creative with Echo Park

Echo Park has done it again, as they continue to open a new wave of automotive dealerships across the country. Echo Park is a rapidly expanding division of Sonic Automotive that focuses on used cars that give customers the experience of a new car without the new car price. In this Austin showroom, we produced classic SEG frames, custom signage, wall graphics, and other large-format solutions to fit the Echo Park brand perfectly.

Large Format Visuals & Brand Identity are Important!

The goal with the SEG frames, custom signage, wall graphics, and custom ideas was to help bring the new car buying experience to a used car dealership.

Our custom capabilities allowed us to produce:

– New interior SEG frames to update walls

– Large-Format wall graphics to add a pop of color

– Back-lit graphics for a modern touch

– Custom-made LED cabinet signage

The combinations of solutions accentuate the space in a way to modernize the car buying experience without overwhelming customers. Between the pop of color and unique lighting, you can genuinely see the brand come to life. Seeing a brand personality comes alive through the process is always exciting. Echo Park’s design and visions are truly unique and engaging to be a part of.

We want to help you create a space that is made for only you and your brand! Our team is well versed across many industries and is here to change the game in creative visual solutions. At Super Color Digital, not only will you receive the best visual solutions available, but you will also receive an authentic, innovative experience.

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