Growing Innovations: Fabric Solutions

Super Color Digital supplies the ultimate visual solutions across all industries with seamless results and visually stunning prints. From striking fabric frames to versatile beMatrix solutions and custom pillowcase displays, here are a few common solutions we recommend using for fabric visuals.

SEG Fabric Frames: 

SEG fabric frames are high-resolution fabric graphics with a thin silicone strip sewn directly around the perimeter of the graphic, creating a silicone edge. The silicone edge makes installing and removing the graphics extremely simple, as it fits easily into the channel on the metal frame. The finished graphic will stretch over a rectangular frame, and the printed graphic rests inside the frame’s tracks, leaving the frame’s edge exposed on the sides.

Multi-Sided Fabric Frames: 

Multi-sided fabric frames are one of many solutions with an all-around visual impact for making a bold statement from all angles. These frames allow graphics to be displayed on multiple sides, maximizing visibility and creating a 360° view. With the ability to customize each side with different graphics or wrap-around graphics, multi-sided fabric frames are ideal for events, trade shows, or retail spaces.

beMatrix Solutions: 

Modular creativity beMatrix, known for its modular framing system, combines the power of fabric and versatility in a revolutionary way. With beMatrix’s fabric panels, graphics can seamlessly fit into the modular frames, creating clean edges and wrinkle-free displays. The lightweight and modular design allows for easy setup and reconfiguration, making beMatrix solutions perfect for events, exhibitions, and retail environments. This system provides endless possibilities for creativity and ensures a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to visual solutions.

Pillowcase Displays: 

Pillowcase frames are designed to provide a seamless and smooth display in almost any shape. The graphic is printed on a stretchy & weighted fabric and fits over the frame, just like putting a pillowcase over a pillow. The result is a smooth and singular build that allows easy graphic changes, making them ideal for events, trade shows, and custom displays.

Using fabric in visual solutions has transformed how we create traditional visual solutions. From the seamless and wrinkle-free designs, fabric has opened up new perspectives and ideas. Our range of fabric-based solutions aims to help businesses simplify the visual solutions process and open new possibilities for customizing your needs. Discover the potential of fabric in visual solutions with a partner you can trust, Super Color Digital.

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