LED Lighting Solutions: The UltraThin Light Box

LED Lighting Solutions ultrathin lightbox super color digital technology

Super Color Digital has made a name for itself in the Visual Solutions industry by consistently being at the forefront of innovation. Recently, Super Color’s research and development team has produced the UltraThin lightbox.

The LED UltraThin lightbox from Super Color Digital is an exclusive and spectacularly brilliant lightbox with unmatched illumination and color rendering. The 2.5” thick anodized aluminum frame, the UltraThin lightbox combines even light output without hot and cold spots for a lighting solution easy to operate and install. The UltraThin Lightbox, alongside our other signature lightboxes, is incredibly versatile and can lighten up every type of environment.

Fabricated using our exclusive extrusions, the UltraThin lightbox ships easily, requires no assembly, and is built for fast graphic change-outs. UltraThin LED lightboxes are UL listed in meeting all UL standards for safety.  

With many variations lightbox solutions available, contact Super Color Digital at 800.979.4446 and find out which solutions work best for you.

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