Recycled Boat Sails: A Visual Solution

Each day our eyes capture many types of visuals on different types of materials. But what do you do when a client comes to you with the challenge of printing on an unprecedented material? At Super Color Digital, we took that challenge with recycled boat sails.

Hurley, one of today’s well-known surfing brands, came to us with the challenge of printing a specific material that would match the branding they created for a new product. Through the use of our creative and R&D teams, Super Color Digital was able to acquire recycled boat sales. Yes, you heard that correctly! With thorough testing, including adhesion and color accuracy, we were able to produce large clear, and vivid graphics on a material no one thought would be possible.

We don’t say no to a challenge, as our unmatched service has become well known across the industry. No matter the size or scope, we create the best solutions for all of our clients.

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