Journeys and Timberland: A Case Study in Creative Collaboration

Super Color Digital recently completed a series of window displays as a creative collaboration between Journeys & Timberland.

The Challenge was to meet the standards of both brands. Also, we needed to meet specific stipulations as to how we could coordinate installation and labor for seven different stores.

Journeys is a teen retail leader with an emphasis on footwear and unique specialty items. Their stores look to offer an energetic environment with the most popular brands and impactful visual merchandising displays.

Timberland is a retail brand whose unique culture and product designs are inspired by their rich New England heritage. Therefore, every aspect of their business revolves around the outdoor lifestyle. 

We started this creative collaboration by meeting with both parties to discuss variations that would fit their needs. Furthermore, we also needed to discuss variations of how the window spacing could change based on each location. 

The solution was designing hanging methods, creating lighting effects and choosing materials. We also needed to create methods to make some pieces self-standing due to hanging limitations. Once we determined our design choices and materials, we then coordinated the shipment to our installation teams. Lastly, we coordinated the actual installations after hours at all seven locations.  

In conclusion, Journeys and Timberland were exceptionally pleased. We listened to and met the needs of both brands. As a result, we executed a creative collaboration that resulted in strengthening an existing partnership and delivering impactful visuals without disrupting customers or employees during work hours. 

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