SEG Fabric Frames vs. Pillowcase Frames

Large format graphics and visual solutions are everywhere we look. In today’s modern world, brands prefer a more finished look of fabric graphics for creating on-trend visual solutions. Using fabric benefits many projects due to its organic nature, usability, and variety. Two frame solutions that commonly use fabric are SEGs and Pillowcase displays. So, what’s the difference, you might ask? Follow below as we break down how SEGs and Pillowcase frames differ.

For starters, SEG Fabric, aka Silicone Edge Graphics, are high-resolution fabric graphics with a thin silicone strip sewn directly around the perimeter of the graphic, creating a silicone edge. The silicone edge makes installing and removing the graphics extremely simple, as it fits easily into the channel on the metal frame. Pillowcase and tension fabrics are created when the material is draped and pulled over a dimensionally shaped frame, creating an innovative visual experience.

The pillowcase structures are best suited as a free-standing display or as an overhead hanging display. SEG frames can be made as a free-standing structure as a single-side display or double, and they are an excellent option for hanging on walls to display decorative art pieces.

Something to keep in mind is whether the frame will be exposed. With SEGs, fabricators will stretch the fabric over a rectangular frame, and the printed graphic rests inside the channels of the frame. Therefore the frame will be exposed on the sides, making the depth of the frame custom to the dimension you need. Regarding pillowcase frames, the frame will be hidden since the fabric is stretched over the entire frame. The frame is custom-made to your specification and is tested for fittings during the process. Since the process with pillowcase frames are a bit more extensive than SEGs, the turnaround times for pillowcase frame may be longer.

When it comes to fabric solutions, there are endless options to choose from. Super Color Digital creates custom visual solutions for many brands with seamless results and visually captivating prints.

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