At A Glance: SEG Fabric

SEG Fabric, aka Silicone Edge Graphics, are high-resolution fabric graphics with a thin silicone strip sewn directly around the perimeter of the graphic, creating a silicone edge. The silicone edge makes installing and removing the graphics extremely simple, as it fits easily into the channel on the metal frame.

Super Color Digital’s SEG solutions combine vibrant and vivid colors with custom extrusions to create a framing system for any environment. Best of all, frames can be painted and powder coated to virtually any color. No matter size or shape, our SEG solutions are designed to be pieced together to make shipping and unpacking a breeze. And don’t worry about dirt or wrinkles, as our fabric graphics can be easily spot cleaned and steamed.

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Versatile with endless shapes and sizes

Easy installation and removal of fabric graphics

Seamless with the sew-line hidden inside the frame

Fabricated in-house

Frames are lightweight and durable, reducing costs

Variable framing options available for any style

Custom painting and powder coating options are available

Fabric graphics are printed with unmatched color quality


1) Insert edging and fabric into all four corners of the frame, one corner at a time.

2) The graphic will be smooth at this point. Push in the centers of each side, working your way toward the corners.

3) If necessary push in the corners and/or sides with a credit card. This will make the fabric smooth and ready.


1) To remove the graphic from the frame, locate the fabric pull tab. Gently pull up on the tab to remove the graphic.

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