Why Christmas Colors Are Green and Red

What comes to mind when you think of the holiday season? We think of family, presents, and delicious food. If you were asked to draw a picture of Christmas, chances are there are two colors you’d use more than any others: red and green. Read below to learn why Christmas colors are so significant. 

It started centuries ago when the colors were used to commemorate a different holiday. Ancient Celtic culture cherished red and green colored holly plants for being evergreen and believed holly was meant to keep Earth beautiful during the dead of winter. During the celebrations of the winter solstice, they decorated their homes with holly to bring protection and good luck to their families. 

The pairing of red and green continued into the 14th century when the colors were used to paint medieval rood screens, which were partitions installed in churches to separate the congregation from the priest and the altar. 

Despite these meaningful religious traditions, there’s one person we should thank for bringing red and green as Christmas colors to the mainstream: Haddon Sundblom. Coca Cola made the artist famous by hiring him to create the iconic Santa Claus, widely seen throughout popular culture. 

In conclusion, red and green came to symbolize the holiday itself: rooted in religious tradition, modernized by advertising and marketing, and continued by joy and good cheer. Red and green make Christmas one of the most recognizable and celebrated holidays in the world. These two colors compliment each other on the color wheel; Naturally, we are drawn to these beautiful colors. 

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