The Big Deal About Dimensional Signage

Dimensional signage is the perfect way to bring dynamic life to your brand. The dimensional element is ideal for personalization and lends itself well to unique branding.

Depending on the project, you can make dimensional signage out of a range of materials, which can include:

PVC plastics:

PVC is another common material for adding depth to signage. This plastic is a practical choice for any dimensional sign because it is tough, resilient, and cost-effective. Plastic signs are durable enough to withstand the elements’ wear and tear in the outdoors.


Foamcore is a popular and recommended material if your brand is looking for a temporary, light, and economical signage solution. Although suitable as a temporary indoor solution, multiple coatings and finishes can extend their life.


Metallic materials provide an industrial and sophisticated look; a touch that demands to stand out. Steel and aluminum, being malleable metals, are frequently used in dimensional signage.


Acrylic is a versatile material that can produce signage that leaves a lasting impact. Acrylic is the ideal material for the unique experience, whether you use it to add a dimensional element or a decorative touch to your sign. Acrylic is a versatile material, as it can be designed in various colors, forms, and sizes.

The final materials used on a dimensional sign can vary based on location, duration, and design. A prime example is if you want to hang your sign in an outdoor area, you may want to choose materials that weather through the elements. One thing to note is how long you want your signs to last, because if you’re aiming for something more temporary, you are better off choosing a lighter weight and cost-effective material.

No matter the project, size, or scope, Super Color Digital will work with you to create the ideal dimensional sign.

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