The Lost Art of Retail Window Displays

Remember the days when retail window displays would tell a story or create unique theater-like experiences? It used to feel like we were being taken on a fantastic journey, giving us a chance to forget our worries for a moment. It seems like those days are long gone, but many stores today are revisiting the past and reshaping their current window displays. The lost art of retail window displays has been found and is making a comeback.

Setting up a window display can be one of the most exciting and fun aspects of managing the visual merchandising of your retail space. It’s essential to make sure your windows set the mood for the season, try to tell a story, and capture the customer’s attention. Make bold, creative, and imaginative choices in your design, including colors, media, lighting, and more.

Don’t be caught up in a riptide of the same generic setup. Trust your judgment and think outside of the box about what emotion you’re looking to evoke. With a balanced display, you’re more likely to create feelings of happiness, excitement, and enjoyment. Make sure your message is clear and you have a prominent call to action, one that will not take away or distract from your products but will entice the shopper.

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