Why Are Vinyl Murals Trending?

For years, wallpaper has had a love and hate relationship. For a lot of people, they associate wallpaper with “grandma’s house.” But for most, wallpaper has made a rebranded comeback. Super Color Digital’s wallpaper, aka vinyl murals, are an adhesive back vinyl that can be printed to nearly any size imaginable. Just imagine the possibilities!

A noteworthy difference between regular wallpaper and vinyl wallpaper are the material and where they are used. With wallpaper, the application is usually limited to standard-type walls. On the other hand, vinyl murals open the doors to a plethora of application possibilities. This tends to include indoor, outdoor, cement, bricks, and more.

Although wallpaper and vinyl murals are similar, vinyl murals lend themselves better to high traffic locations such as,

– Waiting rooms

– Conference rooms

– Retail Stores

– Shopping mall

– Restaurants

– Building Exteriors

Vinyl murals give your designs more color vibrancy and razor-sharp visual quality. And best of all, vinyl murals give you the possibility of a bespoke design that speaks true to your brand.

If your waiting room or the store window needs some style, you owe it to yourself to add some visual pizazz. Super Color Digital specializes in creating vinyl mural solutions of nearly any scope. We will work with your team to create an attention-grabbing and eye-catching mural that’s custom-designed for you.

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