Best Practices: The Right Color for You

There is no doubt that colors influence our audience’s emotions and perceptions. We use color to connect and engage with our audience.

How to choose the right colors? The key to choosing the right color for you is:

Know your audience

Know your industry

Stand out from the competition

Project your personality

Color is subjective, which means that each color is in the eye of the beholder, not in the color itself. Depending on which color you choose, each customer will have a difference of opinion and reaction towards the branded colors. Colors will communicate differently depending on what they’re combined with, making it relative. Communication leads to differing perspectives on contrasting and complimentary colors. It can be circumstantial depending on who the target audience is, like children versus adults. Children are going to have a different reaction to a particular color as compared to an adult. Your memories of color combinations will create their unique meaning and be critical in remembering the brand.

Be strategic in your visuals and choose the colors that express your brand. We understand how to capture colors with precision so that your visual solutions reflect the values that your brand stands for.

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