Bright Ideas: Visual Solutions Illuminated

visual solutions illuminated

Visual solutions will always stand out more when you utilize technology to help your project shine. At Super Color Digital, our illumination technologies consist of LED lightboxes, custom timing and color programs, custom designs, faux neon illumination, and so much more.

Sometimes the best solution isn’t a new idea but rather a combination of something new with an existing idea or strategy, adding a lighting solution to traditional displays can help consumers have a more engaging experience.

For this particular project, we utilized a larger-than-life cut to shape the image of professional skateboarder Ryan Sheckler. We then added custom programmed lighting to create a display that really stands out in any environment.

At Super Color Digital, we are never behind the latest trends. Our lighting solutions utilize the newest and best technology available. Contact us today to light up your graphics and displays in the most imaginative of ways.

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