Fabric As An Experiential Element

experiential element

Fabric frames and fabric graphics are one of the most commonly utilized visual solutions in the industry, but have you ever considered using fabric as an experiential element?

Experiential solutions are about creating immersive visual experiences with eye-opening and engaging visuals. Super Color Digital has proven time and time again that we have the creativity and knowledge to help today’s top brands stick out from the norm.

It’s all about thinking outside the box and going beyond the practical applications to create something unique and truly eye-catching. There are many different uses for fabric. Tension fabric takes your standard frames and expands that into custom shapes that can be hung or freestanding. You can traverse further outside of the box and utilize LED lightning with your dimensional fabric creations. When light is added, graphics can be creatively lit from below, above, or behind, which enhances your creativity.

When working with Super Color Digital, no matter size or scope, your fabric options are endless. Contact us for a truly experiential experience.

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