Signage 101 With Super Color Digital

Today’s signage and visual solutions are becoming more experiential and immersive than ever before. It is essential to know the different types of signage available and how they can be utilized. Below we will discuss the many types of signage capabilities ideal for storefronts,  corporate offices, hotels, restaurants, events, and more. This is Signage 101 with Super Color Digital.

Dimensional Letters

Whether used for interior or exterior purposes, dimensional letters can be made from cut and cast metals to plastic and acrylic.

Canned Letters

Canned letters are also known as “internally illuminated letters.” This description says it all. Visible by day, luminous at night, canned letters provide great depth and precision to your company’s signage.

Oversized Letters

Large letters are ideal for making a bold emphasis on a brand, product, or message. There are many uses for these types of oversized displays, including indoor and outdoor events, interior design, and more.

Faux Neon & LED

A low-voltage and eco-friendly solution, faux neon, and LED-lit signage offer vivid displays of powerfully illuminated graphics with custom shapes and sizes.

Cabinet Signs

Cabinet Signs or box signs refer to a type of signage that utilizes a “cabinet” as a structure or substrate.  These can be wall, ground, or projecting (blade) signs.

Drape Forming

Drape forming is a technique that uses a single positive mold on which a heated sheet of plastic is placed. After the sheet is softened by thermal processing, it sags and conforms to the shape of the mold under its weight or by slight pressure.


Thermoformed signs are a durable, reliable, and vibrant way to display information. Thermoformed signs are created by using a mold, then applying heat and pressure to achieve a raised copy.

The process behind these signage solutions can be quite complex, but with decades of unmatched experience, we have the knowledge and the innovative capabilities to create the right solution for any environment. Contact Super Color Digital today and let us take your signage ideas to a whole new level.

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