How To Drive More Traffic To Your Trade Show Booth

Are you looking for tips to drive traffic to your trade show booth; Of course you are! An increase in traffic to your booth is vital, as it will help to convert them into customers. Below are some very important tips to help drive traffic to your trade show booth.

1. Generate buzz well ahead of the trade show

Use social media, email campaigns or newsletters to get the word out that you will be exhibiting. If you have any new products or big announcements for your company, you should start mentioning that in blogs or social posts leading up to the event. Building up excitement before the event will keep people interested and will make them much more likely to stop by during the trade show.

2. Make your booth design unique

You can accomplish this in a number of different ways: Size can be used by either purchasing more space or creating extra-tall booth displays that tower high above other booths around you. People will be able to see your booth from a distance, and it will have a greater impact just in terms of perspective. If size and height aren’t the best solutions for you then you can use hanging signs or floor graphics to give you floor to ceiling coverage. Another great way to stand out is to think outside of the box, use unique shapes for your booth as opposed to a traditional square or rectangular booth. 

3. Use technology

New and exciting technologies are a great way to attract a crowd. Interactive and immersive experiences are always a plus.  If you have an exciting new product or service, hold a live demo at your booth. Utilizing lights, color and motion can also be an effective way to bring more visitors to your booth. 

4. Give away the largest Swag Bag

Many companies offer “Swag Bags” with a few small giveaway and promotional material. Make sure that your bag is the biggest, so you stand out from the others.

5. Offer a special trade show promotion

Special deals are a perfect way to attract people to your booth. Everyone loves special deals and they are more likely to buy something from you that day if it is discounted or comes with other perks. Make sure that the offer is only good for a limited time so that there is a sense of urgency.

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