Must-Have Visual Solutions for Museums

Museums allow us to explore and experience the past. They are filled with a wealth of information and display their findings of artistic, cultural, or scientific significance. The Super Color Digital team is here to help you innovate visuals to benefit your museum and make your space one of a kind.

Below are a few go-to solutions you may want to consider:

Banners: The classic approach to signage. Banners are an excellent must-have in your museums because they can be made in nearly any size and used for multiple purposes. They are great for welcoming visitors, designated exhibits, or promoting events. Banners are extraordinarily versatile and can be permanent or temporary solutions.

Elevator Wraps: It’s all about using the space you have. Going from floor to floor will lead to visitors taking the elevator or the stairs. Choosing to wrap the outside of your elevator or placing vinyl decals on the inside will add a special touch to the visitor experience. It can also double as branding for special events.

Illuminated Graphics: This bright idea can bring a whole new light to your museum. With its illuminated vibrancy, back-lit graphics are a great way to add an exciting touch. Our team can make these displays with a spectrum of colors and a range of brightness.

Standing Displays: With great versatility and portability, standing displays are a great option to promote new exhibits or display important visitor information. These freestanding displays are great solutions because they can display information on both sides and can be custom-made to fit nearly any space.

Wall Graphics: Leave no space uncovered. We’ll take care of it. Blank walls can show off new exhibits or events with a creative design. Wall graphics are also an excellent opportunity for pictures, especially for visitors that like to post photos of their visit to your museum.

Wayfinding Signage: Signs and arrows lead the way. We have discovered that directional floor decals and strategic signage are helpful when guiding visitors through exhibits. More often than not, wayfinding signage is often overlooked, so we must get creative and help visitors get to where they need to be.

Our creative team and wide-ranging capabilities help spark the imagination and visual ideas of museums, exhibitions, artists, and galleries across the country. Super Color Digital can help bring your vision to life regardless of which visual solutions you decide. Let’s work together and create engaging museum visuals!

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