The Evolution Of Retail Continues

The evolution of retail continues. Retail shopper behaviors are changing faster than ever before. Consumers expect more out of their shopping experiences. They want more transparency, interaction, and authenticity from brands and retailers. Below are a few key changes that we’ve noticed about the shopping experience so far in 2019.

User-generated content can help you sell more

With today’s social media and other digital innovations, ratings and reviews are still fundamental to the shopping experience. It’s only natural to trust the opinions of our peers and in today’s shopping experience, many consumers will trust and seek out the expertise of online influencers as well. 

Shoppers crave interaction before a transaction

Consumers are now expecting brands and retailers to put them first. Shoppers want a more personal approach, they want to feel like a store or brand knows them. It’s much more effective to sell a lifestyle vs a product. 

A great mobile experience is an opportunity to stand out

Online shopping plays a huge roll in retail. Shoppers now have all of the tools they need to find what they are looking for and how to find the best deal as well. Creating a user-friendly website and knowing how to take advantage of great SEO can put you miles ahead of the competition.

New technology can have a huge impact on brick and mortar stores

Emerging technology and experiential forms of visual solutions will be the new standard for in-store shopping experiences. People want something new and exciting. Utilizing light, sound, color, motion and interactive displays can be a great way to bring more potential customers into your store.

One thing is for certain, brick and mortar is not dead. Looking ahead, the best brands and retailers will continue to break down boundaries to build interactive, human shopping experiences that enable shoppers to make confident purchases across all platforms. Visit Super Color Digital at booth 5333 during GlobalShop 2019 at McCormick Place in Chicago. It’s time to experience experiential retail in a whole new light.

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