Bright Ideas and Illuminated Visual Solutions

At Super Color Digital, light, motion and color are huge factors in creating bright ideas and illuminated visual solutions. Today we will be sharing some creative ways that you can use LED-powered and illuminated displays to help your brand stand out from the ordinary. 


Super Color Digital has been producing and innovating lightboxes for decades. Over the years we have evolved the standard lightbox into several iterations; from massive in size to some of the thinnest and most low profile available. Furthermore, we can offer custom timing and color-changing programs for all of our lightboxes.

Dimensional Color Changing Displays:

If you’re looking to think outside of the box, our dimensional color-changing displays are the ideal solution. Nearly any display can be created without being restricted to size and shape. As a result, our cutting-edge LED technology will deliver vibrant colors with custom timing and color-changing programs similar to our standard light boxes.

Multi- Sided LED Light Displays:

This technology allows for unique shapes and color programming from every angle. If you are looking for a unique way to be bold and different, look no further.

Faux Neon:

Our faux neon technology provides a visual solution that is lighter and more durable than traditional neon signs. In addition, it offers a vivid spectrum of color while remaining energy efficient and cost effective. 

Retro Brite LED Lightboxes:

Retro Brite LED Light Boxes are designed to replicate the look of traditional neon signage without using glass tubes or neon gas. Traditional neon signage is fragile, expensive, environmentally unsafe, and consumes considerable amounts of power. Our Retro Brite Light Boxes utilize LED technology, making them durable, cost-effective, and energy efficient. Another benefit of these revolutionary lightboxes is that there is no limit to the size that we can produce.

In conclusion, our lighting solutions are created uniquely for every client. Therefore, our illuminated visual solutions are created to fit nearly any environment and programmed to light up your graphics in the most imaginative of ways.

It’s time to shine. Contact Super Color Digital to turn your bright ideas into game-changing illuminated visual solutions. 

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