Storefront Window Displays

Having great storefront window displays is the best way to stick out from the crowd, but how can you accomplish this? Just throwing a mannequin with a seasonal outfit in your window is an older idea, but we as a modern shoppers have evolved.

One of the most powerful and efficient ways to differentiate your brand is by telling stories. Storytelling is a skill that has been capturing people’s attention since the beginning of time. When you use storytelling to evoke warm feelings and emotions, people will associate those feelings with your brand. Giving you a better chance of bringing them into your store and turning them into a customer.

For this very reason, we’ve decided to highlight a few ways to create window displays that will tell the most captivating tales for your retail environments.

Know who your potential customers are.

By knowing who your audience is, you can create a narrative that appeals to them on a personal level. You are offering them something relevant to their lifestyle rather than offering just a product on a shelf.

Less is more, don't overcrowd your storefront.

If you have too much going on in your display it can distract people from the message you are trying to send. It’s best to pick a focal point. Placing the most visually engaging elements of your display at eye level is a great way to capture attention.

Be unique, design outside the norm.

As people, we may be attracted to the norm, but we are mesmerized by the differences. Experiential displays are where the future of retail is heading. Utilizing new technologies is a great way to stick out from the competition. Sometimes doing something different than other stores using typical seasonal displays can help your brand stand out from the crowd.

Use colors to attract customers and evoke emotions.

Bright colors such as red and orange tend to stand out and draw the eye, while cool colors such as blue and green do not. Colors can also have an emotional impact on customers. For instance, green and blue tend to evoke feelings of calm, while bright colors such as red and yellow can generate feelings of excitement.

Retail trends and looks are changing by the day, and you need to keep your customers visually engaged. At Super Color Digital we’ll help you to transform your storefront window displays into immersive visual experiences that tell your brand’s story and engage your customers better than ever before.

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